Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maybe Little Us.

Maybe Little Us
Can make this last 
More than a few stats 
A story of how it all starts

Maybe Little Us
Haven't had enough to pass
The test of what can be worse
And breaks like a brittle glass

Maybe Little Us
Have a chance to make it past
Another day without just
Thinking of what we can trust

Maybe Little Us
Can hold hands and press
The buttons of unknown stress
That comes with emotional distress

Maybe Little Us
Have more than a puppy love crush
The thrill that comes with the rush
Of thoughts that make me blush

Maybe Little Us
Are one unpredictable play
As i still have to walk away
just when i found my prey.

But Maybe Little Us
Can hold on
To little us.

Oh Dear Friend

Ring the bell
So I can rise up and tell
A story so well
Of a friend who will dwell.

In a life thats so blight
He shines a love so bright
I can't express so slight
How I feel with great delight

Life comes with much change
Some that causes so much rage
But with freedom out the cage
My friend opens not just a page.

With this unknown festive season
I write to you with one reason
To say how well you done this mission
Of pulling me out of life's prison.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A love kenya?Really?

Is it just me or i think the way Kenya is headed the wrong way? I is just here of the rest of the world is this way? Its disturbing to me that every morning all day all night, the media is only helping us build a love nation!! but how are we to build this nation if all we do is love talk, this is all we fill in our heads, both young and old!
In all local radio stations(local)the talk is about love!love this, love that , love me love you, i am in no way hating here but no way this love talk is too much, its getting into my nerves, is it just me or is anyone else out there wishing they had enough resources to start a radio station that actually builds our minds and our must be thinking yea after the 2007-2008 post election violence we need the love talk, yes we do but is it not time we enlightened our people about the technology trends, what new medical practices are up and coming,the engineers(at least my friends who are)wanna know what new structural trends are up, what the metropolitan plan for Kenya is proposing and all. the journalists wanna know what new interesting stories are up! what am saying is, instead of the radio stations filling our heads with politics over news time and love talk all day and night, is there no way we can build our minds with a more productive talk like that of development,technology,medical talk!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The new apple iPad

I need not say too much about this innovative idea but i think apple is headed in all the right directions, THE NEW iPAD, its just it!!and the fact that it is available for less than $500 which is approximately less than Ksh.40,000. Check out the link and do tell what you think about it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chaos in Nairobi city

Today as i was walking to town from school(in a bid to avoid the traffic jam), i came across a group of young men throwing stones and breaking one of the most profitable shopping mall in the city center. The cause? its a clash between those not in support of Sheik Abdullah el-Faisal and the Somali extremists in support of him, the Somalis, apparently shot at and wounded two GSU men as tens of them stood there helpess in fear of suicide bombing. According to and other souces These are a few of the photos i managed to take before the teargas became to conc for me!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kenyan MPs

Does any of you guys think that the kenyan MPS are actually what we queued and voted for in 2007?